"Gigbliss was designed for a context of distributed energy provision. The hairdryers track energy availability and trade it according to smart contracts in the blockchain. They provide different levels of control according to particular business models. Gigbliss Plus allows users to sell and buy energy freely, complementing their income. Gigbliss Balance’s revenues are directed to the company. When inactive, the company uses them to trade energy; which allows costs to be minimised to users. Gigbliss Auto’s transactions are defined between the corporation and a sponsoring partner; which restricts usage to certain periods of the day. See more about Giglbliss in the below video."








This was a collaborative project, as part of my Residency within Design Informatics, between Dr Larissa Pschetz, Linda Ma and myself. It was developed as a research project for the European Commission. Gigbliss explores the gig economy through bit-coin based energy contracts with appliances. There are 3 different contracts resulting in  different interactions and levels of user control.


1 - Gigbliss Plus

2 - Gigbliss Balance

3 - Gigbliss Auto


EU Policy Lab // Bitcoin Trading Autonomous Hairdryer / 2018