Copyright Katherine Snow 2017

Questioning the companionship between objects and people, as you become equally reliant on each other. Each lamp is powered by it’s user - speaking, singing, humming, tapping, drumming, stroking or stealing surrounding sound. These interactions are both conversational and open; unlocking a space for creativity and spontaneity in our relationships with objects.

Hons Project - Degree show & New Designers // 2017

Listening Lamps

The listening lamp project grew out of an exploration of play...but it became about the relationships and associations we have with objects; their potential, and the different levels of companionship we have with them. As adults, play gets misconstrued as a fickle activity; something childish and strange. However, we miss the point. Play is in-fact very normal. Through a study of interactions and relationships with objects, for this project, it was clear that play in it many forms is everywhere. The issue is it not seen or given space. 

As adults, play gets lost. It is stunted and stifled in everyday life. This is because we place great importance on outcome of use; an object’s function, rather than the process of use; the improvised spontaneity and creativity in the bumbling of making a cup of tea. In viewing function alone, the potential of an object, and our nature of our relationship with it, remains unseen.  The result are fixed interactions based on function and pre-learnt associations, and play itself is lost. 

The listening lamp series sets to open these interactions up. They free a space for a different, conversational relationships with objects, in which process is as important as outcome. Like play.